Young African American woman looking up and smiling, with Healing Circles logo to her right

Healing Circles | March 25

Join our Healing Circles, a supportive, facilitated space to affirm Black culture, community and lived experience, and to share dialogue and feelings to promote health and well-being.

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African-american woman relaxing and listening to music, lying in bed in the morning
The View For Gen Z

Are you getting enough Zzzzzz’s?

Rest and sleep are important parts of a self-care practice. Recognizing the importance of both in our lives – and making time for each – is a great way to manage stress.

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Success Spotlight | Justice Esther Tomljanovich

YWCA Fills the Void

At a time when Esther Tomljanovich needed community the most, YWCA St. Paul was there to provide shelter and support. The former Minnesota Supreme Court Justice went on to break through barriers to have an exceptional career.

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Equity & Justice Conversation Series: Radical Self-Care
Equity & Justice Conversation

Radical Self-Care with Dr. Joi

As the trial of Derek Chauvin begins, we invite you to join Dr. Joi Lewis in a wellness and self-care event during this incredibly difficult time. This session is a gift of time and space for us to take a big deep breath together in community.

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Young Asian businesswoman by window in office looking to camera
The View For Gen Z

Shecession – a national emergency

Already, 2.5 million women have left the workforce since the beginning of the pandemic. Read our ideas to prevent the door on your career from slamming shut while weathering the pandemic.

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