• Empowering Young Women

    YWCA St. Paul young women’s empowerment programming supports healthy development of individuals, creates opportunities to connect with one another through community, and raises awareness of social justice issues aligned with the YWCA St. Paul mission.
  • Cultivating Success

    YWCA St. Paul Youth Development programs encourage young people to engage in positive self-discovery, build meaningful relationships with peers while empowering them to be the change agents of their futures.
  • Building Bright Futures

    YWCA St. Paul youth programming provides access to services for students and families year-round at little or no cost.


Young people prepared
for successful futures

Celebrating Success

“I just want him to strive to be what he wants to be.”


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Youth Development

Advance the YWCA mission of eliminating racism and empowering women through building your leadership skills and professional development. Open to young people ages 15 to 22. Transportation assistance available. 

Girls Emerge

Girls Emerge meets weekly to give young women the opportunity to create community, affirm identity, explore careers, and promote social justice through a racial and gender equity lens.

Programming takes place at YWCA St. Paul on Wednesdays from 3:30-5:30 p.m. Topics and training include:

  • Exploration of leadership styles, skills, interests and strengths
  • Financial literacy & budgeting
  • College readiness
  • Creative expression
  • Healthy relationships
  • Wellness & nutrition
  • Individual job coaching and mentoring
  • Opportunities for paid experience in professional work spaces

Enrollment is ongoing; contact Angie Rouch, Youth Support Specialist, at 651-265-0708 or email arouch@ywcastpaul.org to schedule an orientation.

Interested in working with Girls Emerge at your school or hosting a workshop? contact Angie Rouch, Youth Support Specialist, at 651-265-0708 or email arouch@ywcastpaul.org.

Youth Employment Services

Learn to work and work to learn! Meet one-on-one and with a group to explore and set career goals, learn what you need to be a star employee, and earn experience and credentials through paid work training. Limited spots available. Dates/times vary, contact Angie Rouch, Youth Support Specialist, at 651-265-0708 or email arouch@ywcastpaul.org for more information.

YW Stride

Helps prevent homelessness for young women of color ages 18–24 (including those who have children or are pregnant/parenting) who are transitioning from foster care by helping them secure stable housing and navigate relationships, resources and systems. Leveraging the unique combination of services offered at YWCA St. Paul and the expertise and collaboration of our Youth and Housing & Supportive Services programs, staff provide life coaching and empower participants to build confidence and self-efficacy through an 18-month program.

Participants may also access any other YWCA St. Paul programs they are eligible for during their time in the program. This is a referral-based program only. To refer your client or patient, please contact: Kalice Allen, Youth Transitions Coach, at 651-265-0770 or kallen@ywcastpaul.org.

Young Women’s Initiative Minnesota

YWIMN Young Women’s Cabinet

We are so proud to provide leadership and advocacy development to the YWIMN Cabinet of remarkable young women at YWCA St. Paul!

The Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota (YWIMN), a first-of-its-kind partnership between the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and the State of Minnesota, is a public-private partnership and a multi-year, multi-million-dollar investment to achieve equity in opportunities and to improve the lives of young women of color, American Indian young women, young women from Greater Minnesota, LGBTQ youth, and young women with disabilities.

The Cabinet is comprised of 25 young women ages 16-24 appointed by the Governor, and participates in statewide research and action planning to address disparities for girls and young women. Learn more here.