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YWI Cabinet identifies Covid-19’s impact on young women and proposes solutions

At the onset of the pandemic, the Young Women’s Initiative (YWI) Cabinet sought to learn more about the impacts of COVID-19 on young women and girls across the state. During the process of creating a survey and resource guide centered on Safety, Surviving Thriving they discovered that “young women in Minnesota, especially young women of color, young women with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ youth are disproportionately impacted by the effects of COVID-19“. Using the survey results, the YWI Cabinet developed a report that identifies key solutions created by young women, such as relief from student debt, broadband internet access and expanded access to healthcare, among others.

Message from the YWI Cabinet:

Since the advent of COVID-19, we have abruptly transitioned into new ways of focusing on the needs of young women and girls in our state. We, like many young women and girls across Minnesota, occupy many different roles in our communities. We are essential workers, first-generation graduates, caregivers, providers and even heads of households. Despite the turmoil COVID-19 has brought to many of our communities, we feel a tremendous sense of urgency to support, organize and share resources to help young women not only survive, but thrive. COVID-19 is impacting young women and girls across our state in unique and distinct ways. To learn more, read the full report here.

The Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota is a first-of-its-kind partnership between the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota and the State of Minnesota to achieve equity in opportunities for women of color, American Indian young women, young women from Greater Minnesota, LGBTQ youth and young women living with disabilities. YWCA St. Paul is proud to provide leadership and advocacy development to the YWIMN Cabinet of young women.