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Rest in Power: Joint Statement on the Life of Teighlor McGee

On behalf of the Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota (YWI MN), YWCA St. Paul, the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, and the Office of Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan mourn the tragic loss of Teighlor McGee, a beloved advocate, friend, and force for change.

As a member of the Young Women’s Initiative community since 2017 when they were appointed by Governor Mark Dayton, Teighlor was a bold and instrumental leader on the Cabinet.

Portrait of Teighlor McGee inside YWCA St. Paul

Teighlor advanced racial justice and health care reform as a writer, facilitator, organizer, WFMN Innovator, and YWI Network Program Coordinator. They founded the Black Disability Collective, an online movement centering the narratives and lives of Black disabled individuals. During the uprisings for racial justice, Teighlor provided timely updates on the locations of street medics, called for supplies, and distributed much-needed personal protective equipment.

“There is a place for disabled people in community organizing,” Teighlor said. “I hope that people never forget that.”

Teighlor was an essential, dynamic member of the Cabinet. In meeting at YWCA St. Paul every two weeks for leadership development, the Cabinet grew in their leadership while growing as a community.

“Teighlor’s infectious energy & compassion for all will never be forgotten. I will forever admire Teighlor’s ability to show up as their full self unapologetically and encourage us to do the same.”  – Raie Gessesse, Cabinet AlumnaPicture of Teighlor with fellow Young Women's Initiative Cabinet Members.

“When I think of Teighlor, I think of how [[Teighlor] represents the essence of the Young Women’s Initiative itself. As a disabled, LGBTQ+ and Black young woman, Teighlor understood how the intersectionality of identities has an impact on the oppression someone faces. [Teighlor’s] lived experience and expertise when it came to addressing ableism is something that personally and professionally will be greatly missed. Teighlor was an exceptional person, and [their] legacy will live on through the efforts of those [they] impacted to create a more equitable world for everyone.” – Hope Hoffman, Cabinet Alumna

Teighlor made a difference in each of the circles they joined. As we grieve and honor Teighlor’s life, work, and agitation for justice, we support their legacy by investing in safety, care, and healing for Black disabled lives, supporting queer and gender-expansive youth, and working to create systems that value all the identities we hold.

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