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Make sure your voice is heard. Minnesota’s Presidential Primary is Tuesday, March 3 and the General Election is Tuesday, November 3. See below for further details, or visit the Minnesota website to learn more.

YWomenVote 2020

New data from YWomenVote2020 — YWCA’s 3rd national survey of women in the United States — explores their economic, health, gender-based violence, workplace equity, and racial justice concerns and priorities. Our survey provides the most comprehensive examination of women’s concerns, experiences, and priorities, and frames women’s legislative priorities. 

As part of YWCA’s nationwide civic engagement campaign, we are especially committed to doing our part to ensure that women’s experiences and needs are valued and represented, and that women continue their unprecedented role as decisive voting constituencies in elections all over America. 

This is your voice, your vote, your future.


The Minnesota elections website offers a tool to check its database of registered voters: click here to confirm your registration.

You can register online, right now by clicking here.  You will need an email address and either a state-issued ID (MN ID card or MN driver’s license) or the last 4 digits of your SSN. 

You can also register yourself or others by mail

Minnesota also allows you to register on election day by bringing an acceptable ID to the polls.

Click here to see a full list of candidates running in your area, as well as a sample ballot. 

You can markup the sample ballot, and bring it into the voting booth with you.

Click here to find your polling place online. 

Yes! You may need a registered voter to accompany you to the polling place and confirm where you are living. Click here to learn more about voting without permanent residence.

There are ways to vote without making your information public. The Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program can help if you have acute safety concerns. Click here for details.

By law, your employer must allow you paid time off work to vote, though it’s a good idea to inform your employer of when you will be gone. You can also vote early — click here for more details.  

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