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Is 2020 the year to think outside the (gift) box?

With the arrival of December comes the ‘craziness’ we often associate with the holidays. Hasn’t 2020 been crazy enough? Maybe this is the year to think outside the (gift) box!

Let friends or family know that you don’t want to exchange “little gifts” out of obligation this year. Instead, consider making plans to spend time together once Covid restrictions are lifted: a dance party, a movie night at home, a cookie exchange. The gift of ‘togetherness’ takes on new value after you’ve been separated by a Pandemic!

If you still feel the need to give something, here are 5 creative and inexpensive alternatives to traditional holiday gifts:

1) Make a Donation

With so many in need this year, giving a donation in someone’s honor in lieu of a gift can be even more meaningful, while also helping those who really need it. Try to find a cause or organization your giftee cares about.

2) Get Crafty

A gift you make yourself can often be one of the most memorable. People appreciate you taking the time to give something handmade. And it has the added bonus of being unique!

3) Gift Your Time

The gift of time is not only one of the most meaningful gifts, but it can be one of the most helpful. Everyone can use extra help – whether it’s house cleaning, shoveling snow, or organizing a closet. Make sure you schedule a time to give your time. Offering to help with schoolwork or watching someone’s kids so they can go on a date night should be put on the calendar, so it actually happens.

4) Turn Daily Items into a Present

Gifting household items like cooking spices, nice soap, or hand lotion can make great gifts because they rank high in usefulness and simplicity. These are the kinds of gifts that will never go unused. Wrap it up and make it a little more festive!

5) Host a White Elephant Exchange

A White Elephant exchange means everyone buys, makes, or finds a funny gag gift. It truly can be anything. Put a dollar limit on the gift and let the creativity fly. 2020 may be the year we master the Zoom White Elephant Exchange!

Remember, the holidays should be less about spending money and more about spending time with the people you love and showing them how much you care.

Question: What gift ideas do you have for someone trying to think outside the box?