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Self-Defense Workshop with Ram’s Taekwondo

Have you heard about the new Self-Defense Workshop at the Health & Fitness Center (HFC)? The Self-Defense Workshop will be composed of both informational learning and active self-defense practices.

Workshop Details

The Self-Defense Workshop will take place on Wednesday, October 13, from 5–7 p.m., at the HFC. The cost is $10 per participant. Masks are required for all participants. Youth and adults may register. There’s a limit of 16 seminar participants so register today.

To Register

HFC Members

HFC Members must register in the member portal. If you need assistance, email healthandfitness@ywcastpaul.org.


The Self-Defense Workshop is open to non-members but non-members need to contact Neil Erickson at nerickson@ywcastpaul.org to register.

About Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean strike-based discipline, based on the art of kicking and punching for self-defense. Five tenets characterize the martial art of Taekwondo:

  1. Courtesy
  2. Integrity
  3. Perseverance
  4. Self-control
  5. Indomitable spirit

Ram’s Taekwondo has been teaching adults and youth Taekwondo for more than 25 years in St. Paul. The goal is to empower community members. “We provide healthy physical activity with teachings of respect and mental discipline to overcome difficult tasks,” said Amani Lee, one of the instructors from Ram’s Taekwondo. The instructors from Ram’s Taekwondo have Black Belts in Taekwondo and are affiliated with the State of Iowa Black Belt Association under the teachings of Grandmaster Yong Chin Pak.

Amani explained more about the practice of Taekwondo:

  • Why are self-defense classes helpful?
    “The art of self-defense is based on two main principles: defending yourself from aggressive altercations and creating an opportunity to escape a dangerous situation. Practicing self-defense helps people gain confidence in their body, mind, and ability to address conflict and altercations”
  • Who can learn self-defense?
    “Any person has the potential to learn some form of defending themselves in a method best suited for their own body and abilities. Once a foundation is created, the key element is to practice their techniques by participating in martial arts classes.”
  • What is a martial art?
    “The martial arts are a set of disciplines and skills centered around self-defense and attack. Practicing martial arts is essential to becoming proficient in the body movement, technique, mentality, and awareness necessary for effective self-defense.”

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