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New Voice at YWCA Promotes Voting

Hi! My name is Nayher Futsum and I am the new communications intern here at the YWCA St. Paul. So, a little about me! I was born in Eritrea and immigrated to St. Paul when I was six years old.  I attend the University of St. Thomas, where I’m entering my sophomore year this fall as a Public Health Major. I love to read (when I can find time) and love all types of music. I play the clarinet, listen to podcasts every day and must have a cup of coffee each morning and tea in the evening. I love spending time with my family and friends and enjoy the outdoors.

In just a short time interning, I’ve already learned so much at YWCA St. Paul, and I’m excited to learn more! One thing that everyone is talking about at YWCA is the upcoming elections this fall. We are less than 100 days from the general election and with everything going on, it is imperative that we ALL vote this election cycle.

There are over 20 million Gen Z’s eligible to vote in this election year – that’s a substantial number! With those numbers, we can have a significant influence on what happens in the next four years, but it’s dependent on us to use our vote to drive change.

With the challenges presented by COVID-19, voting in person may be difficult, but we also have the option to vote by mail. To do that, you simply have to register, and your ballot will be mailed to you. To learn more about how to register and vote, visit: https://www.sos.state.mn.us/elections-voting/

Don’t miss your opportunity to vote this year and drive change. And be sure to educate yourself about the candidates so you can make an informed decision about who you want representing your community. There is power in numbers, so get out and vote this November!

Question to our readers: Have you registered yet to vote?  Let us know on Facebook!

Contributor: Nayher Futusm, YWCA St. Paul Communications intern.

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