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How to Help During COVID-19 Closures

If you’re wondering how to help during the COVID-19 outbreak in Minnesota, YWCA St. Paul has some helpful suggestions. We’re continuing our crucial services for participants, and there’s plenty you can do to help your community as well — even from home!

Sharing Resources

  • If you have a surplus of an in-demand item — toilet paper, medical protective gear, sanitizing products — evaluate how much you truly need, and please consider donating or sharing the remainder.
  • Chances are good that somebody you know is experiencing hardship right now. And if they’re struggling with childcare, food, supplies, financial assistance, or mental wellbeing, they may not wish to broadcast it. Sharing our compiled resource list, or others like it, ensures availability wherever it’s needed.

Buying Responsibly

  • Please be mindful of which food products you buy. Avoid WIC items if you can, which are the only option for certain households. If you see a product is running low, consider an alternative instead of swiping the remaining few.
  • Supplies can last longer than you think. Stock up slightly more than usual, but keep perspective about how much you actually need.
  • Use resources — like this Toilet Paper Calculatorto ease your worries about running out of crucial items.

Community Support

  • Find ways to keep in touch with older and high-risk community members, even if you can’t physically meet.
  • People struggling with mental health issues may be hit harder by closures, financial slowdown, and isolation. Do what you can for your network, and check out CDC resources for mental health and stress during social distancing.
  • As the economy slows, please continue supporting local businesses and organizations within your means. Whether you buy gift cards, order takeout, or invest in an arts group or theater, help small organizations stay afloat through a shutdown.

Volunteering & Donating

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