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Director of Housing Programs: Beatrice Laizer

Beatrice brings over a decade of experience in nonprofit work with a recent emphasis on housing programs and supportive services. A firm believer in housing as a fundamental human right, Beatrice addresses the root causes of homelessness by acknowledging the impact of economic disparity, systemic racism, mental health understanding, intergenerational poverty, and the criminal justice system. She actively seeks opportunities to initiate programs that break down barriers to economic self-sufficiency, integrating best practices such as trauma-informed care, strength-based methodologies, and motivational interviewing.

In her current role, Beatrice stands at the forefront of YWCA St. Paul’s mission, driving impactful change as the Director of Housing Programs. With extensive management experience, she is dedicated to ensuring the effective delivery, management, operations, and strategic direction of the organization’s housing services. Beatrice collaborates closely with the Properties Leasing and Compliance Manager, overseeing contract compliance and outcomes to ensure fiscal responsibility and ethical operations. Recognizing the significance of data-driven decision-making, she actively cultivates a dynamic and motivated team, fostering a workplace where individuals can grow and contribute to the collective success of the organization. Before her current position, Beatrice showcased financial insight while serving on the Board of Directors-Internal Committee at Violence Free Minnesota, excelling in roles such as Legal System Coordinator at Women’s Advocates, St. Paul, and serving as a Court Monitoring and Evaluation Advocate at WATCH, Minneapolis. Holding a Master of Arts in Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, Beatrice remains committed to community service and conflict resolution, contributing to positive change in the housing sector.