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Competitive Grant Leads to YW Stride

After a highly competitive grant process, YWCA St. Paul has been awarded a two-year, $300,000 grant through the Pohlad Family Foundation’s Homelessness Prevention Program. The grant will be used to launch YW Stride, a program that will help prevent homelessness for young women ages 18-24 who are transitioning from foster care by helping them secure stable housing and navigate relationships, resources and systems.

YWCA St. Paul was one of 134 interested agencies and one of just 28 approved grantees. YW Stride leverages the unique combination of services offered at YWCA St. Paul, and the expertise and collaboration of our Youth and Housing & Supportive Services programs.

Staff will use expertise in these fields to provide trauma-informed services and work with partnering agencies like community organizations, government agencies, corporations, faith communities and schools to provide a referral network of information, contacts and resources. The goal is for the program to provide the most culturally competent, respectful and responsive services possible.

YW Stride participants will spend up to 18 months in the program, including transition-planning before leaving foster care, housing and rental subsidy, services to help them advance educational goals, start on employment/career planning and prepare for independent living, and a final three months of community building. Participants may also access any other YWCA St. Paul programs they are eligible for during their time in YW Stride.

Stay tuned for more updates as this program progresses!