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Celebrating International Pi Day!

Pi Day (March 14, or 3.14) is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant pi. All around the world, people celebrate today by baking pies, drawing circles, writing code, and finding joy in the wordplay of pie and pi.

Pi Day is also an opportunity to introduce kids of all ages to the joy and fun of math and geometry! YWCA put together a shortlist of fun ways you can celebrate Pi day with your family at home:

  • Scavenger Hunt
    • Have kids search their environment for circles
    • List as many as they can find
    • Can be timed to add excitement – How many circles can you find in a minute?
    • Make it a challenge by having kids draw, describe, label the measurements and calculations of pi for the circles they find
  • Pi in the Sky
    • Learn how math is used in careers like space exploration
    • Use pi to solve math problems faced by NASA scientists and engineers (Materials provided by NASA online here)
  • Pie Bake-off
    • Work together to bake a pie (maybe sweet like French Silk, or savory like cheese pizza)
    • Research how chemistry and science can be a career in the food industry, or with entrepreneurship
    • Measure your pie and draw a diagram showing pi as it relates to your pie

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