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BIPOC women run for elected office and make history in 2020

As we highlighted in last week’s blog, the election of Kamala Harris as the first woman of color on a major-party presidential ticket can be viewed and celebrated as progress for women everywhere.

But Vice President-elect Harris isn’t alone. The number of women – and women of color – who ran for public office in Minnesota during 2020 was at historically high levels. And we also witnessed increasing numbers of BIPOC women winning at every level of government. Research shows that diversity in representation has clear benefits, including deeper support for democratic institutions.

More than 40 Black women filed for federal, state, and local offices in Minnesota last year – mirroring national trends. These candidates see electoral politics as a way to make government responsive to all our communities.

Today, Cabinet members of the Young Women’s Initiative are learning the skills needed to be the leaders of tomorrow. Our members come from all corners of Minnesota and are creating new pathways to end disparities across our state. By supporting cabinet members and investing in the leadership of women and girls, great innovation and opportunity will be realized in Minnesota and beyond.


Question: Have you ever considered getting involved in politics?

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