Using primarily the Indigenous practice of circle keeping as a means to build community mixed with traditional methods of training, our trainings are designed to establish a common vocabulary and shared understanding of values, race, racism, gender, equity and cultural understanding.

This shared understanding and analysis creates an environment where decisions, policies and practices are based on trust and being in right-relationship with members of a diverse community. With increased cultural literacy skills and a more developed racial and cultural identity, your organization will be accelerated on its journey towards becoming an anti-racist organization.

Our training offerings are built in collaboration with the stakeholders of your organizations.

Circle Training Topics:

circle keeper

Shanene Herbert currently serves as the Racial Justice Director of YWCA-St. Paul. She has a B.A. degree in African/African American studies from the University of MN and has primarily worked in school settings and other nonprofit organizations serving St. Paul and Minneapolis communities to disrupt the cradle-to-prison pipeline.

She is a trained restorative circle keeper and has been providing support and space for adults to develop a deeper understanding of socialization, race, racism, systemic oppression and anti-blackness and the implications these things have on the trajectory of success of Black and brown communities.

Shanene has most recently authored the “38th and Chicago: White Allies in Black Mourning Spaces,” consulted with Inquilinix Unidxs Por Justicia on Anti-Blackness, Climate Generation to develop their racial analysis of their working environment. In 2019, Shanene was awarded the Virginia Binger McKnight Unsung Hero Award for her work in the community. She currently also serves on the Board of Directors for Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Organization.


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Support establishing a common vocabulary and shared understanding of values, race, racism, gender, equity and cultural understanding.

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