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Board Spotlight: Austine Vaughn-Bergling

It makes sense that Austine Vaughn-Bergling joined YWCA St. Paul’s board recently. With her heart for giving, and her dedication to serving in this community for the span of her career, YWCA St. Paul is a natural next step when it comes to sharing her gifts. 

“It’s been an honor to serve this same community,” Vaughn-Bergling says while reflecting on her biggest role model.  “I was named after my grandmother, who, originally from Arkansas, moved here during the Great Migration.  After moving here, she got a degree in early childhood education and was a Headstart teacher for 25 years.  During that time, her grandmother always had foster children living with her while raising her own children. “I always want to be making space for folks who may need my help, and to live up to the name I was given.”

Speaking of volunteering,  Vaughn-Bergling’s current role as Library Volunteer Coordinator at the Saint Paul Public Library keeps her engaged in looking at ways to support her community.  Managing a staff of volunteers for the 12 public libraries in St. Paul, Vaughn-Bergling is devoted to developing ways to provide homework  help for students of all ages; staying current with technology including offering classes on podcasting, creating videos and other digital skills. She and her volunteers share career labs, innovation labs and recording studios for teens as a way to keep relevant and engage them in fun learning activities. 

Vaughn-Bergling says she is excited to lend her expertise where she may, building capacity to help increase volunteer staff through community engagement.

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